Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham

Surfer culture and surfer brands.

Surf music can be described in many ways. It has been said that surf music is more a sound that the listener relates to the feelings they have when surfing, stoked, adrenaline, pumped, thrill, a rush  or the chilled out feeling after a surfing session. The sound can all change depending on the individuals taste in music that can decide what genre, artist or band that the song goes into. Rock, punk and beach pop is often assosicated with surfers.

The first surfing bands were The Bel Airs, Del-Tones and Dick Dale. Then later there were The Beach Boys.

The surfing culture started to develop in the early 20th century. There are now recongisable styles assosiated with surfing such as the VW campervan and board shorts, but also the development of the skateboard formed as an alternative to surfing allowing the rider to surf on land. The clothing and product market assosiated with surfing is now a multi-bilion dollar industry.

Billabong – Billabong started with surfers being drawn to the superior functionality of their boardshorts. They were more durable because of the triple stitching techquie created by Gordon. –

Quiksilver – They combined function, fit, art and fashion to develop boardshorts and clothing for mountain and ocean lovers across the globe. They have become a premium youth lifestyle and culture clothing brand within the sports market.

Roxy – Roxy is the womens alternative to Quiksilver. The logo is the quiksilver logo relfected on itself to create a heart shape so that the brand appeals more to women.

There are many more surfing brands, most of which can be found here: shows alot of the most famous surfing brand logos.


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