Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham


Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.35.02 PM

After choosing my favourite six logo designs I decided that the best way to figure out which logo to choose for the television channel would be to do some user testing.

I asked many different people all between the ages of 18-24. This was to cover the majority of my target audience.

1     15
2     00
3     02
4     05
5     03
6     05

1 – I like the font choice and the background colour. Eye catching and nice colours. Good use of colour and rounded shapes. The name is more visable. Letters contrast well on the background. Can be put onto different mediums, eg. a sticker, would look great on a t-shirt.

2 – Dont like the 2 letters per line. Not great on the eye, legibility isnt good.

3 – Not keen on the waves. Font is a no, too sketchy for parrallel lines. Not clear to read, looks life Reff.

4 – Needs the background.

5 – Not keen on the waves. The type goes well with the waves, it gives a simple holistic feel. Having the letters at different levels suggests freedom and the sea. Like the 3D effect, it stands out.

6 – Not keen on the waves. Grey doesnt work. Maybe black outline on the words.

General comments – Some of them are hard to read. I like the white writing with the backgrounds. Maybe a darker blue background. The knot is a good link with the theme.

After considering the user testing feedback and my own personal opinions I have chosen to move forward with this design. It is modern and unique. I also like how the design includes all of the different chosen colours.



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This entry was posted on January 31, 2015 by in Design Development.
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