Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham

Logo initial ideas

I have sketched out some initial logo ideas. As the television channel is going to be for music and called Reef I want to try to include something to do with the sea, a reef knot or something related to music.


There are a few ideas that I think wouldnt work from these sketches, the ones in the bottom image with the two E’s back to back, they arent very easy to read and when this logo is on screen it would be nearly impossible to understand from a distance.

The ideas that I think have the potential to work would be the bottom design in the bottom picture, as the name is bold and the design is simple. Using a reef knot is an interesting ideas as it has the potential to be created in many different ways, plus would be very easy to turn that into an ident. Another idea that i really like at this stage is the headphones on the top image that then has the cable spelling out the name.


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This entry was posted on January 28, 2015 by in Design Development.
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