Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham

Current Logo Design..

The following logos include more of an illustration within the logo. They all use typography in a creative way to show the brands personality in a subtle manner. This is another simple way to show the audience what the company does.
Using typography as the logo itself. In the logos below the designer has edited or customised the letters to fit in with the name of the brand. It is a very simple and creative way of designing logos. Using the correct font is also another simple way to change the way the audience perceives the words.
typeandlogo-04 typeandlogo-01 typeandlogo-35 typeandlogo-38 typeandlogo-41  typeandlogo-52 typeandlogo-56

Using the correct font can change the way that consumers will percieve the brand. If you use a sophisticated font like the above logo then the brand will look as if it is premium, an expensive brand. Using the incorrect font can change the entire image.

typeandlogo-66 typeandlogo-81
images images1


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