Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham

Website design in television

The websites for TV shows are intended to generate interest in the show and to improve ratings. Many TV show websites look the same or similar to the other shows from that same network. They may salsa use the networks domain. Majority of them show videos on the main home screen. They also tend to include lots of colour, big backgrounds and vibrant images/photos.Within this industry it is important that the site is visually appealing and attention grabbing.

Steven Snell – TV Shows Web Design –

23882-b 33290_01_main_original 49912-original 50750-original 50864-original images mtv Multishow-A-Vida-sem-Roteiro-Vídeos-Músicas-Viagem-Humor-e-muito-mais Naslovnica-•-MAXtv Panda-Biggs-a-tua-comunidade-Jogos-Passatempos-Vídeos-Eventos-os-teus-desenhos-animados-favoritos-e-muito-mais template_c4music_02 Videozine-Foxtv-Magazine


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