Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham

Will Print adverts benefit my audience??

Print advertising is generally cheaper than television advertising. Virtually every home has a TV and unlike print publications you can generally watch TV for free. If a small business advertises on their local channel you can reach thousands of potential customers every time the advert plays. Print however only reaches those customers that purposely buy the magazine or newspaper. TV engages sight and sound while displaying motion. This connects the senses and helps the viewer to remember the infomation. TV ads also deliver the message quickly, on average a TV ad will only last around 30 seconds.

Print ads offers the opportunity to advetise to targeted audiences in a local market. This can help to focus your audience.

Basically, from this research I have realised that although print advertisments would be a great way to get the brand known, for my channel its not the most important element.


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