Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham

Brand Visual Identities

Visual ID refers to the concrete symbols such as a name, log, slogan and design scheme that you want to represent your company.
This is a symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to the company. This visual look and feel serves to create associations and expectations among products. Visual identity needs to be easily recognizable in its visual content so consumers can make instant connections.
Visual identity is about reputation.

Carbon Creative – Visual Identity –

10 Things to consider when creating a new visual brand identity.
1  Make it coherent, not consistent – A new logo is born useless. Make your logo useful. A brand should be adaptive and coherent.
2  Do more than a logo
3  Brand without badging – A new logo should be a symbol of change, not a change of symbol
4  The big idea is not the big idea – more hundreds of ideas that form the brand
5  Own moments – Find moments that can spring point the brand eg. colour
6  Remove the fear
7  Weird works – Trust the risky weirdo called creativity
8  Make it people-centric – Not design business but the people business
9  Create assets not costs – Everyone thinks they are a designer
10 Chase the opportunity – Chase the opportunity not the money

10 Must know tips for creating winning visual brand identities – Just Creative – Jacob Cass – 2012 –

Pay attention to colour. They influence our emotions and help us distinguish between competing brands.
Typography concerns the style and appearance of any lettering or fonts used as part of your visual brand identity. Using the correct typeface and font choice affects whether the right message is being portrayed.

5 Key aspects of visual brand identity – Gareth Hardy – wave apps –

Brand bible/style guide checklist
– Overview of brand, including history, vision and personality
– Logo specifications and examples of usage
– Typography palette
– Colour palette
– Image use specifications, including photography style
– Letterhead and business card design
– Design layouts and fries for print and web based projects
– Brochure guidelines
– Specifications for signage and outdoor advertising
– Writing style and voice
– Social media guidelines
– Visual examples to support each rule (supply proper and improper)

How to build a brand bible and visual style guide – Design shack – Carrie Cousins – 2013 –

Brand identity design – – Jan Rajtoral


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