Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham

Font personalities..

Font Personalities

A font can convey a mood, attitude and tone just from the personality perceived from the features of the font.

Broad categories of fonts:
Slab Serif

Serif – Have little feet or wings at each end. They are seen as traditional, practical, serious, mature, formal, business/corporate.

Slab Serif – This is a certain kind of serif typeface that has thick and squared serifs. They are slightly more modern but can still be perceived as assertive, bold and masculine.

Sans Serif – These are typefaces without feet, this makes them look clean and understated. They can be seen as contemporary and elegant.

Script – Looks like handwriting and they can range from casual to formal. They sometimes have organic and humanistic qualities that can give them a warm personality.

Display – This is the most diverse. Can sometimes suggest a personality from specific genre, era or time period.

The Voices of Type

The voice of a type is like its personality. This can influence behaviour. This can change the font that is being used so that it influences the feel of the media. Choosing the correct font can affect how the consumer digests information.


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