Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham

What makes a good website design..?

Web design involves achieving a design that is both usable and also pleasing, delivers information and builds a brand, is technically sound and visually coherent.
A good web design is about information and the way in which it is displayed. When navigating a good design, the user should be led around the screen by the designer.
The first place people look on a website is generally the top left, this is usually where the logo is placed, you want the user to look there as you want them to know exactly what site they are viewing.
Precedence should go much further in web design. You should be able to direct the users eyes through a sequence of steps. For example, the user could go from the logo, to a title statement, to an interesting image and then on to the main body of text. Navigation and sidebars are secondary to this. X
There are many tools to achieve this: positioning, colour, contrast, size and design elements.

Spacing makes things clearer. Line spacing directly affects how re able the text appears, there can’t be too little or too much space between lines there is a happy medium.
White space or negative space is also another useful tool to use. It is simply an empty space on a page. It is used to give balance, proportion and contrast to a page. White space often tends to make things seem more elegant and upmarket.

Navigation is a very important element to get right. It is incredibly frustrating If you are unable to figure out where to go or where you currently are on a site.

Keeping things aligned is incredibly important in web design. It doesn’t exactly have to all be in a straight line but using a well designed grid is key. This will make the design seem more polished and ordered.

Keeping the design consistent is about being professional. Making everything match. Heading sizes, font choices, colouring, button styles, spacing, design elements, illustration styles, photo choices, etc. Everything on the website should be in theme so that it is coherent between pages.

Collision Ta’eed – 9 Essential Principles for Good Web Design ––psd-56

Shortie Designs – 10 Top Principles of Effective Web Designs – shortie


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