Independent Study in Graphic Design

Jo Ninham

The question I am going to answer…

Title: The importance of good initial branding for a starting company Aims of study: To understnad how important branding is for a new company. To research into existing channels so … Continue reading

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All outputs developments and user testing

Website: Ident: Onscreen typographic navigation:

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Functioning navigation

To get a real understanding of how the navigation can work I have created a mock-up video scenario. I think the navigation system works well as the video isn’t disturbed … Continue reading

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Ident user testing

The ident has now been slowed down and it runs alot smoother now. I have shown this video to 10 participants. All of which said that they liked the video. … Continue reading

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Industry replies..

Robert – Graphic Designer – Inspired by stuff – 1. When receiving a branding brief, what is the first thing you do? The first thing I would normally do … Continue reading

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Digital navigation mock ups

    These are the digital mock ups. I think the first design is subtle and doesnt take up too much of the screen where as the second design i … Continue reading

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Current TV channel websites

        The 8 images above are different music channel websites. On all of them they use imagery as the main body of the site. They all have a main focus … Continue reading

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